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Massage oils

Made with all natural sunflower oil. Our special blend of massage oils have great moisturizing and skin enhancing characteristics. Glides effortlessly without any residue buildup or greasiness.

Healing creams

A carefully balanced mixture of essential oils with an all natural coconut derived MCT oil and beeswax base.  Our creams are extremely nourishing and can be used anyday and anytime.

Infuse your space with delicate aromas

Masterfully crafted ceramic essential oil diffusers and essential oil blends from Yuemi

Nourish your skin with targeted relief

We’ve created a wide array of products to pamper your every need.


Our original blend of products provide a satisfying neutral experience with a hint of gentle essence.


Refresh yourself with the cooling sensation of added Japanese peppermint essential oils.


Our special cayenne pepper essential oils blend adds a warm soothing sensation to your routine.

We only use all natural ingredients

Our ingredients come directly from the Earth and have not been chemically modified.

Intimate collection

We’ve discovered a way to bring nature’s own herbal aphrodisiacs under your sheets.